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Seattle Seahawks coach Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll) on Wednesday confirmed that running back Thomas – Rawls (Thomas Rawls) will serve as the first issue of the war the Los Angeles Rams. Rawls because of an ankle injury missed all offseason team activities and the first three preseason games.
In the first week of the race, Christine – Michael (Christine Michael) to obtain first-mover opportunities, Rawls also appeared as a rotation player. Match, Michael played 63% of the offensive file number, size – 4.4 yards, and Rawls are code only 2.7 yards.
Last season, Rawls in Xiaoen – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) stepped in after the injury, reached 5.65 yards fits all. His eye-catching performance in his rookie season to let people see him as the future of the league’s top ten running back. Now, Rawls has been restored to health, he will return to the game to prove himself last season’s performance is not a flash in the pan.

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After Colin Kaepernick elected to sit during the national anthem last weekend, athletes around the NFL are being asked where they stand on the San Francisco quarterback’s controversial decision. During a press conference earlier this week, Seattle Seahawk’s QB Russell Wilson was asked to give his thoughts on Kaepernick.
Wilson led the Seahawks to a 31–17 home win over the Carolina Panthers in the Divisional round, making the Seahawks the first defending Super Bowl Champion to win a playoff game since the 2005 Patriots. The Seahawks hosted the Green Bay Packers in their second consecutive NFC Championship game. Wilson threw 3 first half interceptions while completing only 2 passes to his own team as the Seahawks fell behind 16–0 at halftime. With the Packers leading 19–7 and 5 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, Wilson threw his 4th interception. From that point onward, Wilson would lead the Seahawks on an improbable comeback. On the Seahawks’ next drive, Wilson ran the ball in for a touchdown to cut the deficit to 19–14. After a successful onside kick recovery, Wilson led the Seahawks down the field, and Lynch ran in to give the Seahawks a 20–19 lead. Wilson completed a 15-yard 2 point conversion pass to Luke Wilson to make it 22–19 Seahawks. The Packers tied it up at the end of regulation and forced overtime. The Seahawks won the coin toss, and the offense took the field. Wilson led the Seahawks on an 80-yard drive that was capped by a 35-yard game winning touchdown pass to Kearse. The Seahawks completed their largest postseason comeback in franchise history as they clinched a Super Bowl berth.
One difference (of many) between Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick?

“I love the flag,” Wilson said Tuesday.

That was the Seahawks quarterback’s response when asked following practice about San Francisco’s QB and Wilson’s NFC West rival not standing for the National Anthem before his games to protest racial inequality in our country.

“I think, first of all, there’s no perfect answer,” Wilson said. “I understand and respect the cause, because there is so much going on in America right now. There is so much hurt and so much pain. And ultimately I understand what he’s doing.

“For me, I love the flag. I love the National Anthem, because it’s an emotional time for me because I am so grateful I get to play on the football field. And every time I get to put my hand on my heart, you know, it’s truly to honor the military, for me.

Russell Wilson believes in miracles. He believes in them because he saw his father, Harrison, live three more years after doctors told his family he had hours to live. And Wilson believes in miracles because he saw a 19-year-old named Milton Wright beat cancer after he too was given a grim diagnosis. But Wilson also is fully aware that miracles like Wright’s require a significant assist from modern medicine, which is why before Thursday’s game against Dallas, Wilson was on the field to present a $1,060,005 donation from the Why Not You Foundation, the Kasey Kahne Foundation and Safeway to Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Strong Against Cancer Initiative.